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UPDuino v3.0: PCB Design Files, Designs, Documentation

The UPDuino v3.0 is a small, low-cost FPGA board. The board features an on-board FPGA programmer, flash and LED with _all_ FPGA pins brought out to easy to use 0.1” header pins for fast prototyping.

The tinyVision.ai UPduino v3.0 Board Features:

  • Lattice UltraPlus ICE40UP5K FPGA with 5.3K LUTs, 1Mb SPRAM, 120Kb DPRAM, 8 Multipliers
  • FTDI FT232H USB to SPI Device
  • _ALL_ 32 FPGA GPIO on 0.1” headers
  • _ALL_ FTDI pins brought to test points
  • 4MB SPI Flash
  • On board 3.3V and 1.2V Regulators, can supply 3.3V to your project
  • Open source schematic and layout using KiCAD design tools
  • Integrated into the open source APIO toolchain

Please see the wiki page for the changes that were implemented from v2.1. Some salient features are:

  • 4 layer board with a solid ground plane, proper layout and decoupling for good signal integrity and FPGA operation
  • Access to on-board 12MHz oscillator using a jumper (short R16)
  • _All_ FPGA pins including LED driver pins are brought to 0.1” headers
  • qSPI flash capability
  • tinyFPGA bootloader compatible

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