Blinking an LED

Blinking an LED on the UPduino 3 is its “hello world”

Getting Started

The sample code to blink an LED is built-in to this repository!

Go to RTL > blink_led folder, to see the example.

Running the Code

The code can easily be run! First, make sure the UPduino is plugged in.

If you want to run the code using icetools (iceprog, specifically), type: make

Then: iceprog rgb_blink.bin

You should see the LED blink!

If you want to use apio, first type: apio init --board upduino3

Then: apio verify to make sure your code works, and then finally:

apio build and apio upload

The LED should blink now!

Making Changes

So the LED is (hopefully) blinking now. If you want to change the code or learn how it works, open the rgb_blink.v file

.v stands for Verilog, a low-level programming language

The code runs asynchroniously, meaning that multiple lines can run at once on the board.

Anyways, tinker around with the code! Some things to do:

  • Make it blink a different color - Maybe white? Yellow? A random hex value?
  • Make it blink in a different interval
  • Make it go fast
  • How about slow?
  • Can the LED stay on a solid color?
  • Try different brightness values - How bright can it go? How many levels are there? - Can you do a “breathing” effect, where the LED eases in and out of brightness?

There are endless possibilities with this board! Getting an LED to blink is just the start…